David Tsay update

Posted on Mon, 31 Mar 2014 by KiM

Photographer David Tsay continues to amaze me with his photographs that are so lively and bright (we also featured his work here and here). They remind me of summer – which at this rate us Ottawans are never going to see this year. (Does anyone else wish they had a bright yellow front door?)
P.S. Sorry folks looking for Monday’s pets on furniture – there we not enough entries this week for a post. Hopefully it will be back next week.

Sparky says:

Good heavens! Every one of these spaces is a joy to behold! Beautifully photographed, of course, but wow, I love the lightness and colo(u)r! xSparky

Ruth says:

My favorite shots have something quirky in them: eye glasses on the sink, a syrup bottle as a soap dispenser, yellow chair pulled up to a piano. They all say: Life! People live here! Thanks for sharing…an inspiration truly.

Nicole says:

How beautiful and uplifting!

oregonbird says:

A photographer who can be anything for anyone. Very useful talent! The first living room has so much potential, it practically hurts to see it all squished into one splodgy blob! A little editing would have gone a long way. That turns up as a problem in several shots — too much soft stuff. Cushions, bathmats, towels, even flowers — there's a lovely image, and splashed across it is the "soft" layer, to take it towards banal. There's something to be said in having a little more trust in "less"!

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