Wine Republic

Posted on Tue, 1 Apr 2014 by midcenturyjo

It’s not a house. It’s not somewhere where you would live. (Well you could if wine was your thing.) I don’t care. There’s something about this liquor store’s design that appeals to me. No jokes please about the wine doing the attracting. I love the rough, exposed brick walls, the oversized graphic, the industrial pieces used as display and yes the wine bottle chandelier. Perhaps I could drink enough to make my own. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere… even a room full of wine. Wine Republic by Red Design Group.

Aphi says:

How amazing is the light instillation…pretty sure its Giffin Design!!!! Such amazing work and great concepts.

atma says:

Oh, and the signs are great. How to implement at home?

Wine Crates says:

Cool wine store! It's best looking store on the block. It looks like all the shelving is made of wooden wine crates.

@Aphi, yes, the lamp it's a Giffin design, here he is doing the installation:

McMason says:

Wow, Giffin Design does some cool work.

Red Design Group says:

Daniel did an awesome job as did Alex Hotchin on the illustrations. Great collaborative team effort!

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