A hot house

Posted on Thu, 3 Apr 2014 by KiM

There are several decor styles that really do it for me, and every so often a glamourous home knocks my socks off. This is one of those occasions. This Georgian home in Notting Hill Gate, London is HOT!!! It belongs to architectural and interior designer Colin Radcliffe and his model wife Angela Dunn. My favourite room is the bedroom with mirror, fur and leopard. There’s nothing sexier than that combo! (Photos via Colin’s website and NZ House & Garden)

Noelle says:

See.. this I don’t like. I like houses that are a little rough around the edges. Houses that look like people actually live there. This screams „I hired an interior decorator”. It feels cold and empty. Nope, not my thing at all…

chichi Furniture says:

I love the first pic – the 2 blue chairs add character to the space and the amazing ornate gold mirror just completes the scene, its an amazing focal point. Modern homes can sometimes feel a little cold with strong lines and furniture with little detailing, but adding gold to the rooms really adds warmth and brings a look together. I love the outside colour of the home too – envy of the street.

Oregonbird says:

I think, if the bedroom was the only room that received this treatment, that would be a treat. A private space to wallow in, to indulge a sly sense of decadence. Perhaps keep a visual wink in one or two of the public rooms — the b&w crystal cabinet is adorable. But to splash it about into every corner of every room? Pretentious, is more the word I'd put to it. Hyacinth Bucket territory.

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