Maxa Design

Posted on Thu, 3 Apr 2014 by midcenturyjo

A Melbourne family home undergoes a make over by Maxa Design and not only is it funky and fresh but the design team have adhered to eco friendly building principles. Prize winning, stylish, family friendly, affordable and sustainable. A great combination.


Jen says:

I am ready to move in. Inspirational 🙂

Poochielou says:

Wow, I love everything about this house. Amazing!

anglerosena335 says:

Your article is very nice.I really enjoyed this article…………..

jane says:

would absolutely LOVE to know the source of that SECRETARY DESK. i've been looking for one that's more modern in style as well as not too big, and that one looks perfect. if anyone knows anything about it, i would be very grateful. cheers!

Oregonbird says:

Brilliant decisions. Love the layout, the shelving (books really are a thing of the past, aren't they?) the textures and furniture choices. Exterior very modern, giving nothing away but still doing that dynamic thing. All going well! And then — there's the kitchen. What happened? The cabinetry looks cheap and expressionless, and what possible point is there to that wood… thing? It's not of any use, which an open shelf would be — it's just an awkwardly placed eyesore! It's a shame, because with just a little more thought to design, the same decisions actually worked in the bathroom. I'm officially over that particular dining room lighting, I'd have gone mid-century.

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