El Quiosc

Posted on Tue, 22 Apr 2014 by KiM

It is really unfortunate that Barcelona is no where near Ottawa because I would LOVE to check out this restaurant in person (and maybe even try a burger while I’m there). Alex of Blanco Azabache Interiorismo thought we would like to share this latest project of his with you all. It is a burger joint called EL Quiosc. It is an old house in the center of the town of Mataró (Barcelona) that after abandoning the shoemaker who had his workshop there decided to rent my clients to transform into a gourmet burger, with a industrial retro aesthetics (4 rooms, entrance area + the childs playground). As an aficionado of all things industrial, I love what Alex has done with this space. Lots of rustic and industrial touches with a French and Spanish vibe make this a quirky yet fun and inviting restaurant. There are lots of elements I would love in my own home – from every bit of lighting and seating to the hanging terrariums and tile flooring (YES!). 

eva says:

el local és preciós …i les hamburgueses, boníssimes!

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