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Posted on Fri, 25 Apr 2014 by KiM

Australian photographer Anson Smart is a favourite of ours – and is no stranger to the pages of this blog. His photographs are always spot on, delivering juicy eye candy at each capture. I adore each and every one of these spaces. 

(the above photos I recognize from stylist Megan Morton’s IG – her home I believe)

Lisa says:

You women have been spot on the last couple of days with this posting, the FIG posting and the Ngoc Minh Ngo entries. I made a few small changes to my bedroom based on one the Ngoc Minh Ngo interiors and a change to my kitchen based on the FIG kitchen. Yep you have inspired me.

jane says:

BEAUTIFUL, romantic and eclectic spaces. I love the art-work throughout!

I love how in every corner of this house, there's an artfully curated corner of beautiful objects. Stunning!

Jared Hayden says:

I keep going back to the fifth photo–the room with the large portrait of the older woman over the couch. There's no one object or element that cries out for dominance, but the entire effect is so soulful and alluring. A simply great room.

KiM says:

I completely agree Jared. I love that old woman painting.

Lisa – we aim to inspire! 🙂

midcenturyjo says:

The first few photos are of the divine Megan Morton's old house. I don't know how she could part with it. The paintings (old woman, baby heads and budgerigar) are by Ben Quilty. Well I know the babies and bird are and I'm guessing the portrait although I can't find it archived anywhere.

Katy says:

You + Anson Smart inspired me so! I imagined a flight of fancy to one of his featured interiors on my blog, Wear + Here.

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