Two beautiful homes in Spain

Posted on Sun, 4 May 2014 by KiM

I had to share these 2 beautiful homes I found on Nuevo Estilo – both are in tune to my architecture and interior design obsessions. This first one I adore – a rustic farmhouse in the country (located in the town of Sant Martí Vell, Girona) that is furnished with antiques mostly from the mid-late 90’s. The juxtaposition of eras makes this home so eclectic and intriguing. (Details here)

This exterior could not be more contrasting to the previous home. It is a new, modular vacation home located in Guadalajara (it is 2 cubes joined by a central courtyard). It is glorious in a setting of trees and water. The furnishings are a fun mix of contemporary and modern with a little vintage added in. Also an eclectic interior but less jarring than the home above when compared to the architecture. If I had to choose I would go with #1. I love the element of surprise when you walk in. (Details here)

Lovely… That first photo, of the rustic farmhouse veranda, is almost enough to make me want to grab my passport and buy a one way ticket to Spain.

Isabelle (France) says:

I have had the same impression as Karen, seeing the first picture! That is enough for me to dream of the South…

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