Alexandra Loew

Posted on Mon, 23 Jun 2014 by KiM

Alexandra Loew‘s work was featured by Jo a couple of months ago and I thought I would revisit it because she has such a talent for creating traditional spaces with a spunky twist. Interiors for discerning individuals and brands which embody visions they had always dreamed of, but never could have imagined. A master of detail, color and history, she sets moods through the juxtaposition of styles, materials and the assembly of important collections. So lovely, and my favourites to come in a later post.

P.S. Sorry, I did not receive enough pet entries for a post this week. 🙁

Jared Hayden says:

I love her sensibility and point of view. It's fresh, fearless and defiantly "girly" (which I mean in the highest, most complimentary sense).

oregonbird says:

If I ever marry an Italian Mafioso, this is what I want. Seriously, from top to bottom of a four-floor house — this needs scope! This would take organized crime swar-ays in a whole new direction. The b&w drawing room with the solar off – that just blew my mind.

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