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Posted on Wed, 23 Jul 2014 by KiM

If you are ever in the Woodstock, NY area and looking for a funky place to stay, you should give Hotel Dylan a try. Designed by my favourite decorating family The Novogratz, it was a tribute to the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969, embracing sophisticated boho chic and vintage elements. Love all of the colours and patterns against the white background. 

kathny says:

I live about an hour away from Woodstock and I can tell you that the entire town is made up of former Hippies who are now Yuppies, (not unlike the Novogratz's themselves) selling an image that hasn't existed in years. Actually, the legendary Woodstock music festival didn't even happen in Woodstock. It happened an hour and a half away from Woodstock in Bethel! For the past 45 years, the wealthy and connected have been creating "faux Boho" and charging an absolute fortune for the experience. A bottle of water will set you back $6.50 in USD in the local deli, and the shops are full of overpriced crafts. Not a big fan, as you can see!
I'm also not impressed with this hotel decor. It looks like my first apartment did. All flea market, garage sale chic that the Novogratz's probably charged the owners a boatload of cash to create. I know they can do better than this.

KiM says:


mary says:

Being from NYC ditto to Kathny's comment!

Leah says:

Loved it!

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