Smeg – the cutest fridge around

Posted on Fri, 15 Aug 2014 by KiM


An adorable retro shape, fun colours (so your options are not just black, white or stainless)….what’s not to love about a Smeg fridge?!

Fantastic Frank


Hus & Hem

Home and Delicious

Elle Decoration Sweden

Hus & Hem



Sanna Lindberg

Paula Arcklin

Anna Cardell

Jonas Ingerstedt

 Joséphine Gintzburger

Marise Marini Arquitetura

Eric Flogny

Freunde von Freunden

The Village

Home & Decor Singapore


Jenny says:

As cute as Smegs are, nothing is as cute as that dog in the photos in the first picture!

What makes the SMEG so darn cute? The rounded corners? The slim shape? The awesome handles? Probably the perfect combination of all three!

Ombia says:

Design to die for. But for me in a need of a huge fridge and freezer combination not a good choice. 🙁

Tim says:

Those fridges are so cute.. to bad it's so small.. :\

JRB says:

What's not to love? The price. $2000. Yikes. For less than 10 cu.ft. That's half the size of a fridge on the small side.
Don't get me wrong, I love them. But even the GE Artistry is only $1100. No, it doesn't even come close design-wise but it's way more practical.
If you've got the extra spending cash though for the Smeg, buy it. Then invite us all over to check it out.

KiM says:

If I ever get myself a Smeg, you are ALL invited to my Smeg party. 🙂

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