Posted on Sun, 17 Aug 2014 by KiM

I wasn’t sure what to blog today as it has been yet another busy Saturday. Tuesday my husband and I had taken the day off work and gone to Montreal furniture shopping where we found an awesome highboy for Jeff’s dressing room and a credenza for the dining room. Yesterday we headed back to Montreal, picked up the furniture with my parent’s SUV and trailer, and drove back home – in the rain. How nerve-wracking! I thought for sure the credenza was going to get soaked and ruined but luckily it survived. I will share them here soon (and the other little things I bought that day). Until then I was wondering what to blog today, when I remembered I had taken some photos the other day that I could share. I was off work Friday as well so after a trip to the dentist and the bank I took a walk down my street to the nearest coffee shop – blumenstudio. This is not your ordinary coffee shop. It also happens to be the coolest flower/plant shop around. 

Owner Kat (along with Nathan) has been a floral designer for almost 20 years. She grew up in Germany and moved to Ottawa 12 years ago, and opened this shop in 2011. She has an amazing eye for design and creates the most spectacular floral arrangements and her selection of plants is to die for. I have been in the shop a couple of times now since moving to this ‘hood and each time I want to leave with…everything. I think I will be stopping in for a latte and maybe a plant on a regular basis. You should too if you are in the Parkdale/Civic Hospital area. 

{ I had to snap these photos quickly – that’s my latte ready on the counter. 😉 }

These photos below are from their website – I had to share some of Kat’s amazing floral creations…

And here are the plants I bought (so far – LOL) – the most beautiful tillandsia I have ever seen, and a birds nest fern (that needs to be potted). 

Carol says:

My sister in law manages the shop Tivoli in Westboro. If you are ever around check it out. No coffees though. I was in a florist last night getting a posy for a hostess gift and I was impressed by all those weird air plants. Is that what you bought?

KiM says:

I live right by Westboro so I'll have to check it out. Tillandsia means air plant. They're so cool.

Lex McD says:

Wow, this place is visually astonishing and makes me want to work out my green thumb! I have such a feather-weight collection of propagated succulents, air plants and a fiddle-leaf fig, and this entry sparked the budding horticulturist within. Feeling buzzed with leafy and lofty aspirations. Great post!

Genie says:

Great to know there's such a great shop in Ottawa! Gotta find a day to check it out!

Ombia says:

At first I was wondering why anybody would call a coffee shop – flowerstudio. But now it makes sense. I would probably not even enter anddiscover this charming combo, since I am not that interested into flowers. It is just wasted moneyx, what i don't ruin my cats do.
This here looks like painted plant, but it is not I guess…

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