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Posted on Fri, 29 Aug 2014 by KiM

The Design Files

This weekend marks the last long weekend of the summer, and I am totally depressed about this. GAWD I hate winter! To distract myself, I have been thinking alot about my new house, and still pondering paint colour ideas. I am still completely hung up on the idea of going dark throughout my house, so I thought I would share some more inspirational photos (check out my last couple of posts on this subject here and here). On a side note, it is hard to find dark spaces that are not just boring black!)

The Design Files

Lisa Cohen

Elle blogg

Chelsea Hing


Urbis Magazine

Vintage House Daylesford

Vintage House Daylesford

Urbis Magazine

The Design Files

Covet Garden


Greg Natale

House Beautiful



Heart Home magazine


Marta says:

I love dark! A while ago I painted the fireplace wall in my living room a dark shade of blue, and I love it (I was too chicken to paint the entire room)! I generally love the idea of rooms painted dark colours. Now I'm thinking about the bedroom 😉
But I have to admit that I had trouble finding beautiful *dark* shades – they all seemed greyish and dull. Then again, I only looked at the Home Depot (Behr) and Benjamin Moore….

Jared Hayden says:

Dark done right can be stunning. It's all in finding the right shade and making an assessment in broad daylight. As you know, photographers have the tools to create their own magic from any reality. But I do believe Kim, that the day will come when you'll have to confront all that dark stained wood in your new home. It's beautiful and rich, but it demands a starring role and limits your choices. What makes most of these gorgeous rooms you've selected work is a judicious counterbalance of white.

love! I like the half white base with dark top for our dining room. I think it would keep it from feeling too dark. thank you for the inspiration!

KiM says:

I am considering doing something with the trim in my house – we shall see. I am pretty adamant that I won't be "painting" it. As I have said before, the house next door is pretty much identical, has painted trim and it looks cheap and boring. If anything, I hope the red can just be sanded off (it appears to be more of a paint than a stain so that's a relief) and then left natural.
I am also fairly certain I won't be painting anything white. Who says you need any white? If I want lots of dark walls, I find white would be too jarring.

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