Long Courtyard House

Posted on Tue, 2 Sep 2014 by midcenturyjo

A modern extension to an inner Sydney house sees contemporary concrete and timber “boxes” provide the owners with courtyard living as well as extra living space. Love the sliding walls that open the inside to the out as well as the second garden on the roof. Long Courtyard House by Scale Architecture.

Annie says:

Hi Jo as a fellow resident of Downunderville I'd really love to know how people cope with the local wildlife when they have these inside out homes … as lovely as they are to look at I have to wonder just how practical they are to live in – I've only got to open a door to let the dog out and in walks a magpie… then there are the snakes, frogs, neighbour's cat ?

First comment, daily viewer – keep up the great work the two of you!

Ombia says:

Charming house and good example that one does not have to live in a huge house. Small and private, I would love to enjoy my meals in that garden. I love how this house opens almost completely with sliding walls. And outside architecture is also beautiful.

deelee says:

Annie, I have an inside outside open room in my inner sydney terrace- No snakes here!! Ever!!
Magpies or frogs maybe, but the cat and dog scare them off- likewise the neighbours cat!

The benefit of opening out those terrace walls is LIGHT and AIR- they are cramped and dark otherwise.
Best thing we ever did to our tiny terrace. (btw- this one is HUGE in comparison to most inner sydney terraces).

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