Playing tricks

Posted on Mon, 8 Sep 2014 by midcenturyjo

High design and optical illusions. How did they do that sink? Look very closely and you can work it bout. A sliver of minimalist style by i29.

k says:

@Ombia – but that doesn't explain why there is no sink showing under the thin counter. That's where the mirror question comes in.

megan says:

@Rui, If you look at the very first photo, you can see that the underside of the top of the counter top angles down toward the center. It's hard to see, but it's there. Very beautiful space, just know that I personally like to have things at a bit easier access point when I'm in the kitchen. I'm guessing there's great workspace/stove hidden behind that giant cabinet in the center.

Ruth says:

Oh wow. Super sleek!

This is a beautiful space. The architectural layering is incredible!

Rui says:

@ megan, I see the curvature, but it does not look curve enough for a sink, unless the sink is 10 cm deep.
There is also the case that the stove, which is also in the table occupies a bit of space, so that is why I asked, there isn't much information on the page, as to how they achieve this result and I am dying to know

Ombia says:

Stove or better said cook top is not a problem, they exist in extremly sleek design. All installations – according to designer – like water, electricity – are integrated in the counter. I guess in black counter support on the right and left.
But I also wonder if the sink is functional enough to wash the dishes. Maybe the photographer used some tricks? Or placed the camera to create this trick…

I don`t know, but I think that is a "gourmet kitchen". It`s for a little things and soft preparations, do you know? The standard kitchen, with a normal sink, is in another place not visible for us in these pictures. But…I don`t know…

oregonbird says:

I'd slap some white chalkboard paint on the panel at the far left (looking into the kitchen) for a recipe-in-progress board. Then use dark chalk.

Even with a thin material and a sink that is not standard, where is the plumbing? Water doesn't appear out of thin air.

Ombia says:

Plumbing is in the counter. Lefz and right side are not that thin. Quiet the contrary!×1080.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1410122721918

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