I love this house

Posted on Sun, 28 Sep 2014 by KiM

This cold I have is knocking me on my ass, especially now that I am into the drippy nose/sinus ache stage so before I head back to bed I will simply leave you with this fantastic home I found on CITIZENS OF THE WORLD. It is that of Vicki Lee, artist and founder of a beautifully curated homewares shop TheTwentyTwo, and it reminds me how much I would love to live in a climate where one can easily enjoy the outdoors with lots of large windows and sliding doors. (photos by Dominic Loneragan)

María says:

Wow, this house is like living the dream!
Lots of love, xx

Thank you so much for including us on your beautiful blog. Hope you're feeling better! We have the sniffles too! xox

KiM says:

You guys rock COTW! (And this is the worst/longest-lasting cold EVER – hope yours is not as bad as mine!)

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