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Posted on Fri, 3 Oct 2014 by KiM

While I contemplate the plethora of projects that eventually need to get done around my house, figuring out what to do with my what-were-the-former-owners-thinking-??? yellow/orange stained floor is always on my mind (seen here, and it’s toned down in the photo). And whether or not I can figure out a way to get the floors re-stained while owning too many cats to make it easy, perhaps a stair runner is a good option. Makes hiking up and down them easier on us humans as well as the cats, and would add a fun punch of colour and/or pattern to my pretty fabulous foyer/staircase. So on that note, I thought I would do a stair carpet runner roundup.

Bill Kingston Photography

amoroso | design

Optimise Design


Sage Design Studio

Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

Sally Wheat Interiors


Heart Home

Joanna Henderson

Elle Decor

Blair Harris

Margo Selby

D2 Interieurs

David Prince Photography

Better Homes and Gardens

House To Home

Little Green Notebook


And I had to include this one despite it not being located on stairs because it is FABULOUS!

Terrat Elms

really nice love them!

Catbird Farm says:

I have an 1850 farmhouse with wood floors. I also have several cats and a dog. When we moved in the stairs were carpeted but I ripped it all out to expose the beautiful wide-plank floor boards. What I learned was that uncarpeted stairs are SO much easier to keep clean than carpeted stairs. When there's pet hair gathering on them (there is ALWAYS pet hair gathering on them), now I can sweep it off with a small hand brush or broom in seconds; with carpet I had to haul out the vacuum cleaner and do the balancing act on the staircase, me, canister, hoses, cords, not pretty or fun). Yes I know you can get those little handheld vacs but I've never found one that was long-lasting or powerful enough for the fur balls I'm dealing with daily. My Miele canister is my friend, but not on the stairs.

If you love the look of a runner (I do), you can paint one on the stairs; cheap, easy and it gives you the look of a runner without the fur-grabbing surface of the carpet. Easy to change if you don't like it too, and there are a million great examples on Pinterest done by really creative people.

ANDREA says:

muy bueno este articulo, gracias. Andy

KiM says:

Thanks for the tips Catbird Farm, especially after cleaning up puke off of my vintage kilim 5 minutes ago. 🙂

Ombia says:

I would never ever have a carpeted stairs and cats. Or carpeted anything for that matter. And bare wood simply looks the best.
Just think of all the hair and dust being wellcomed in a carpet.

Oregonbird says:

I'm coming out against carpeted cats as well. 🙂

dd says:

Having had 10 stitches in the back of my head (and miraculously dodging spinal injury) from slipping on and falling down carpeted stairs, there will be no way I am ever installing runners on my (now bare floorboard) stairs!! Also totally agree about how much easier bare stairs are to clean.

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