SABO project

Posted on Wed, 8 Oct 2014 by KiM

In keeping with the theme of white, here are a few really cool projects by Brooklyn architecture/design firm SABO project. Attention to detail? Check! Creativity? Check! Liveable? Check! 

Love, love, love this space! The plants on the wall near the window are so unique! The added splash of colors transforms the entire interior.

peggy says:

I love the kitchen! Especially the living wall. Is that fresh herbs?

sweetpea says:

refreshing use of color on kitchen floor & shelves

I do love the ultra modern look, with its clean crisp look, but my fear is it can be cold if there's no colour or texture involved. But, here the wall succulents, are a fab feature and wall full of colour. The concrete pillar and wood additions also add warmth and make the place more homely and the French style sofa is a fabulous addition, a complete contrast, but it works perfectly – who says you can't mix styles!! :O)

Jacek says:

Wow, It`s very fresh view… Very inspiring. It`s fantastic conetction between white space and concrete.

Oregonbird says:

Hip! How hip? REAL hip!! But with subtlety in colors and textures.

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