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Posted on Wed, 15 Oct 2014 by KiM

My bedroom is mind-numbingly boring. I can’t wait to get started on it eventually. I want to hang my Moroccan wedding blanket on a wall somewhere in there (maybe across from the bed this time instead of as a headboard) and have a shelf with all of my nature/wunderkammer-ish knick knacks I currently house on my living room mantel. And I want it to be very serene. I was searching through my photo stash looking for inspiration, and I quickly realized that I do not want white walls or anything close to white (wow there alot of white-walled bedrooms out there….WHY?!). I think ideally I would like either dark brown or a medium grey-ish colour. We shall see. I have a bunch of Farrow & Ball paint samples to try out. Here are bedrooms I found that really work for me.



Sköna hem

Elle Decoration



House & Garden


Elle Decor

Abigail Ahern via Heart Home



MilK Decoration

Elle Decoration

On the subject of bedrooms, I do need to invest in a larger bed. The queen with 2 adults and a plethora of cats just isn’t enough space. This means our current mattress will be used in our guest room – we finally have a guest bedroom after 8 years!

Day beds with trundles are great for keeping your guests warm and cosy these coming winter months. Lounge area by day, bed by night – your guests will love relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Jared Hayden says:

Nice selection. A dark bedroom can definitely have a restful, cocooning effect. However, the splayed nude torso and pink neon "love me" sign in photo #2 makes me wonder if any "serenity" ever goes on in there. Did I somehow miss out on the new design trend book Bordello Style?

Carol says:

I like the idea of having white common spaces and bedrooms all a different colour. I change bedroom colours a lot. It's easier than the big halls/living/dining areas. One thing I've been afraid to try is painting the bedroom ceilings a colour other than white. I saw a robins egg blue glossy ceiling with white walls once that was pretty, like lying in bed looking into the sky.
After buying a Harvest House bed, I've decided the way to go is Japanese tatami mats and futons. I'm going to check out this place soon:

KiM says:

Bordello style is all the rage. 😉 I do love the neon sign. It would never be turned on though if in the bedroom.

Carol, you want to sleep on tatami mats/futons??

Monika says:

Paint? I keep thinking that you will wallpaper instead. Timorous Beasties' Oriental Orchid Hand Print. 😉

KiM says:

Ohhhh, that wallpaper is NICE. I have been thinking about wallpaper for the foyer/stairs/upstairs hallway.

María says:

The third one is beautiful!!
Lots of love, xx

Ombia says:

I went with greyish for bedroom and love it , only one wall is white, but I have wall art there so white is just a neutral canvas for that. I admire you for sleeping with cats. My cats are going nuts every night and that's why we have to have two closed doors between us. The next morning our living room is usually rearranged…I do leave them in bedroom if I am sick or just miss them after some trip, but my tomcat will poke me and clean me and whatnot and will bring me half of the knick knack from around the apartment in my bed. So, the closed door it is. But we do play every moning, happy and rested.

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