A home + studio on Orcas Island

Posted on Wed, 29 Oct 2014 by KiM

The folks of Seattle architecture firm atelier drome shared with us this incredible home they designed. Located on Orcas Island (just north of Seattle), it was created for their artist client as a home and studio…to serve as a quiet retreat, disciplined working environment, and with low energy needs, all within a strict budget. The main house is essentially one large space divided by a utility cube – the kitchen, bath, and pantries. The living space is on one side of the cube, the bedroom on the other. On the west side of the space, floor to ceiling glass doors create slices of views across the archipelago. The east side has small high windows to create summer ventilation and morning light in winter. The studio is also composed of a large space divided by a utility core. However, here the focus is decidedly inward with no windows. A skylight filled vaulted ceiling keeps the space bright and light filled. Could I ever get my art on in this gorgeous space!! 

Rose says:

All those doors kind of give me anxiety, but on the other hand they make for BEAUTIFUL light and shape.

laura says:

Too dark on the inside and outside-
a missed opportunity.

annie says:

It is stunning. Love it.

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