A white dreamy kitchen

Posted on Tue, 4 Nov 2014 by KiM

I love a white kitchen, in any sort of style. They always seem so welcoming, bright and cheerful. This white kitchen is that of interior decorator Holly Mathis. It is stunning, and has a casual elegance about it that makes you want to pull up a stool with a cup of tea and breathe in the apple pie smell coming from the oven. Yep, I can smell it….


Esther Dee says:

She has a lovely kitchen and home! Nothing wrong with Bible verse on the kitchen door….this is her home and she is a Christian lady. Nothing wrong here….

Kara says:

What color paint is on the wall? I love the subtle contrast, and the open pai Ted shelving,.

Laea says:

I absolutely adore that tea cup!

Texsheva says:

Me too! I love the little things that make a home unique!

Laea Evans says:

I am still searching for that teacup. Wish I knew the brand name.

Selena Clark says:

Love all the small details and touches in this kitchen. The tea cup to the small tray holding the dish scrub. Thank you for the Bible verse. ❤ God bless.

Dee says:

I absolutely love everything in this kitchen. ESPECIALLY the Bible verse.

Susan says:

I had to enlarge the picture just to read the Bible verse. Loved that personal touch. Thank you!

Anne says:

Your lovely home kitchen is truly stunning I love everything about about it ….Everything !! ♥️

Jc4jlt says:

Love the kitchen.. so calm and welcoming! And the Bible verse? Makes it even better! I absolutely love seeing Christians proudly displaying God’s Word for the world to see! God bless you and your family.

Ann says:

Love everything in your kitchen including the Bible verse!

Kathy says:

Your roses are so lovely and the Bible verse really was a special touch, Thank you for your post and may God bless you,

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