A not-so-Victorian apartment in London

Posted on Fri, 7 Nov 2014 by KiM

A big thanks to Selina for sending us the link (via The Modern House) to this fantastic and strange apartment in London. Here are some specs: Designed by architect David Kohn, this very special four-bedroom apartment (approx. 1,633 sq ft) with balcony and garden is arranged over two storeys of a converted Victorian terraced house in Queen’s Park. The building is very well-maintained, with steps up to a communal front door and entrance hall. This flat is entered on the raised ground floor. It has a large living space with a bay window at the front of the property, which flows into an open-plan dining room and kitchen with separate larder. From the kitchen, you go down half a level and find a study area with access to the garden via a handmade powder-coated-steel walkway. Along the hallway are built-in, angled cupboards. The first two bedrooms and bathroom are found at this level, with the larger one at the rear having direct access into the garden. Down another level are two large bedrooms with lots of built-in storage, and a further family bathroom. I am smitten this apartment – the crown moldings and the fireplace are dreamy but ah mah gawd what have they done with the floors?!?! Yellow, green and red stain? HUH? And don’t get me started on those massive baseboards. Epic fail. Kudos for creativity I suppose.

Dana says:

Love the big yellow baseboard!

Adriene says:

Unsettling is the word that comes to mind. Kind of like a bad dream. The original parts are pretty, but the modern 'additions' befuddle me. That bedroom with the red stain and gray storage wall reminds me of that awful armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias. Nightmare material! And what is going on with the kitchen? Is it a kitchen or an office cubicle? I can't tell where they keep their food. I guess those gray panels are cupboards or a hidden refidgerator, but it doesn't look like it holds much. Maybe the whole giant panel swings out like a false bookcase/hidden passageway out of Scooby Doo to reveal the larder. I think that's the only option I'd be okay with. I have a feeling that in about 10 or 15 years future potential owners will cry when seeing what was done to this place in the name of 'modernity.'

Ombia says:

I guess thez keep their food in a patrz at the back. M kitchen is smaller then then their and I do keep food and cook every day. Anayway I don't like that kitchen much and that exhaust hood there?!
Floors :-(.ö But I love bedroom storage.

atma says:

The good thing? Now you don't have to experiment with staining floors green.

Annie says:

I really want to like this place because the original features that remain are lovely. But I don't. Maybe it looks a lot different in the flesh, but it just doesn't work for me. It seems uncomfortable with itself. Having said that it is in London so I could very happily tolerate it for that reason alone.

anna says:

I like the modernist, as I like block colours, but tonally, some of the colours are not warming. Love the yellow skirts+ in the lounge/kitchen.

steve mawson says:

Oh dear. However given its use as a shelter for recovering drug addicts, it seems apropos. That IS what it is used for, isn't it ?

Blanders says:

I actually don't mind the floors. The colours make them look velvety. Sure, they won't date well, but if you can afford a four bedroom flat in London then you can afford to update your floors every few years.

What I really can't stand is the grey and orange bathroom. It looks like something out of a hospital. And not one of those nice private hospitals – I'm talking NHS.

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