The definition of eclectic

Posted on Sun, 7 Dec 2014 by KiM

This wacky home is a 5500 sq ft location venue in London. Oh, how fun this would be to use some of these bits of furniture and really go to town decorating. It has such incredible bones, and would be a photographer’s dream to shoot. Via Shoot Factory.

Ombia says:

I read very often about some home having good bones. What does that mean? Is it potential?

KiM says:

At least when I use that term I mean the architecture of the house is great (and in this case it just needs some decorating help)

reader says:

While there are some interesting walls and floors in this place, there is a lot of ratty furniture that I wouldn't want to sit on. Who has a park bench with their bathtub – is this for a viewing audience?

noone says:

I saw this house on a cooking program. Tom Kerridge(famous British chef) cooks some nice meals and I thought "whoa! nice… house!"

cristina says:

I think some scarry wierd people live here… I wouldn't want to find myself alone here… !!! brrr…. Hitchcock feeling..

Niche Interiors says:

What a unique space, full of so much interior design that is fun and full of life!

I'm not sure anyone actually lives here. It's a venue called "The Roost" in Dalston, East London, and it's constantly hired out for weddings, events and photo shoots. I've shot a wedding there and there were certainly no bedrooms or anything to indicate that anyone lived there, even in a closed-off section. It's just fabulous to shoot in, though! Such fun.

anita says:

It is divinely photogenic and clearly a dreamy backdrop for any fun function involving people with imagination and charm.
I love seeing the use of black on a wall it reminds me of how interesting and actually warm it can be… so many lovely and inspirational ideas pop into my head looking at this space! Thanks for sharing.

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