A family loft in Brooklyn

Posted on Thu, 11 Dec 2014 by KiM

It is a loft marathon here at DTI this week! WOHOO! I happened to have found another one over the weekend while on a google search marathon. I came across it via the website of editor/stylist/designer Rebecca Robertson, who designed this Dumbo loft (along with her husband Marco Pasanella) for a family of 4. It is such a fantastic space with exposed brick painted white, an eclectic mix of furnishings and art, and the cutest display of café au lait bowls. My obsession with lofts will never wane if I keep finding such great spaces! Photos via Remodelista by Matthew Williams.

Jared Hayden says:

She hits so many sweet notes. My faves are the piano niche and the drawn-on-the-wall headboard. I love when a space says, "Happy people live here."

Randy Trainor says:

Great color scheme and art. The wallpaper pops.

peggy says:

Great space. Love all the lighting and love the bowl collection!

Gretel says:

Wow. This place really sings to me.

Maggie says:

Lovely. And can I just say, it was refreshing to see the mass of electrical cords under the computer desk. It made me feel as though a lovely home is not just for the rich, or that rich folks also have unsightly cables in their lives, ahh. It has become a bit of a sport for me to spot an electric lamp cord in one of those haute decor magazines. I have a theory that if you want to have your home featured in one, you must to agree to have all your lamp cord cut off! It would be too hard to Photoshop all of them out, right?

Ombia says:

Great loft! I would love to dine there! Great solid wood floors too and the stairs – what is up there – are bonus! And I love the kitchen and those big windows. And the shower. You can gave a party in there.
@kim – since you love lofts so much, was buying a loft instead of a house not an option for you?

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