Have we got everything?

Posted on Thu, 11 Dec 2014 by midcenturyjo

Got a good book? Packed your hat? We might do some walking. Definitely the markets. We should be able to pick up some great fresh produce on the drive there so just pack some basics. I plan to cook up a storm in that kitchen. And some really good bath salts. Soaking for an obsecene amount of time is plan B. OK. I think we’re ready. Love a weekend away in the country and nothing is more perfect than an historic house and a lush garden setting. Aghadoe Estate, Springmount, Victoria.

Shane says:

I love this place. It's humble in a way. I feel as though someone could have renovated it on their own. It looks like a home.

Debby says:

Love this place too! So clean and calm.

annie says:


loulou ste-adele says:

this place is so real and inviting. no cookie cutter design here.

d of dogland says:

Can I come? Please.

Barbara Gilbert Interiors says:

This entire interior is perfect. Wonderful work!

Ombia says:

Would love to spend a week here! Withput cooking LOL. I cook every day and cooking-free vacation.
I would love to sit in the veening with some wine on that porch. And maybe dream about this house and wooden floors instead of tiles.
And that garden, oh my!

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