Hipster house?

Posted on Mon, 5 Jan 2015 by midcenturyjo

Maybe but I still love it. North Fitzroy extension by Melbourne based Pleysier Perkins.

P.S.When did hipster become a derogatory term? I must have missed the original memo because I’ve always wanted to be one but never quite made the grade 😉

Stefania says:

I totally agree… when DID hipster become a dirty word?
I Love this house!

Jared Hayden says:

I think terrazzo flooring is poised to make a major comeback. You heard it here first.

Cliodhna says:

You feature the best houses ! I adore this one.

Mel says:

if this is hipster, then i vote 100% to remove the dirty word stigma from the term 🙂 love it!

Niche Interiors says:

Love the map, patio and bedding. This is fabulous!

Ruth says:

So many nice details that look deceptively simple, like the ceilings, the stairs, fixtures, and storage. I really love the earthiness of modernism. It's not a cold, sterile place but warm and unfussy.

this is a lovely space. i'm not sure if it is hipster, but the guy sure is.
certainly modern with a bit of an eclectic vibe. thanks for posting!

Blanders says:

Ironically you did a classic hipster thing and stalked this house three months ago… "before it was cool".

I remembered because I love this house to bits!

midcenturyjo says:

Oh Blanders well spotted! I went back and checked and I did. Thank goodness one of us has a great memory. Mine is awash with rooms and houses and stylists and architects and a fog of other things as well. I often find houses I have real estate stalked turn up on architects' websites and do the whola "aha" thing, putting a name to a great design… then I plunder the rest of their website looking for equally cool homes.

Joy R says:

How is hipster style defined in terms interior design? I would love to know!

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