Kitchen project – blue, black, white and brass

Posted on Fri, 9 Jan 2015 by KiM

Just before the holidays I settled on a paint colour for my kitchen. It was not a difficult decision – I wasn’t even going to bother trying a sample on the wall because I was so sure it would be perfect.

When I had received the fan deck from Farrow & Ball and came across Stiffkey Blue and Hague Blue I knew immediately that my kitchen needed to be blue. I went with Stiffkey because the colour just seemed perfect with black and white (and it is less dark and bold than Hague which seems to be much more on the teal/aqua side). Below is a beautiful bedroom painted in Stiffkey Blue.

Sean Santiago via Lonny

Here is a before photo of my kitchen. It is all Ikea and very small and very boring. So imagine the walls painted in Stiffkey Blue. *SIGH* I might keep the ceiling white to ensure the space maintains its brightness. The faucet and cabinet handles will be replaced with brass ones. I just noticed in this photo that the dishwasher is just a large panel of stainless steel. Now I am wondering if I should cover it in white somehow. Anyway, even the light fixtures are Ikea (I think) and beyond boring so I will replace those (there is one in the middle of the ceiling too).

I was thinking this Vega 3 chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric would look fab in the middle of the room.

Then for over the sink I love a couple of different lights by Gubi – like this Bestlite pendant BL9

or this Greta Grossman Grasshopper pendant

I hope now that I am finally starting to get over the miserable infection(s) I had over the holidays that I can manage to get the painting done this weekend. Fingers crossed! And I hope to gawd the paint is ok – idiot UPS delivery guy left it out on my porch in -20C weather.

I went poking around the internet while I was sick to get some inspiration of kitchens with brass, and I found several that have blue as a feature colour as well.

Workstead via Dwell

Emily Henderson


Blakes London

Domaine Home

Helén Pe

Michaelis Boyd

Jessica Helgerson


Yanic Simard

Lovely Life


Gisbert Pöppler

Belle says:

Be brave be bold it will look great we did porters Giorgio which is a dark grey no blue or purple true grey white cabinets marble look bench top looks amazing especially at night love your posts

jane says:

awesome! i like your ideas and picks, as always, kim

Ombia says:

Great lamps choices and nice wall colour! And you are so kind cat mama, they are allowed on the kitchen cabinets too!

Amalia says:

I think its a perfect choice with the metals and white, you won't regret it.

Kim says:

I favor dark navy walls and think they are a great choice for many many spaces. But looking at your kitchen I have a few questions before even thinking about paint color (and i know you didn't ask for suggestions, but its the internet so here i go 🙂 The kitchen really doesn't have much wall area and it doesnt appear to have any backspash. With such an efficient kitchen, the cost of tile would not be overwhelming. Have you considered tile or some other sort of backspash? Tile that continue to the ceiling and underside of the cabinet could be spectacular. A colored tile could be nice ( I like Ann Sacks Chinois Lantern in dark blue which works well with a grey grout, but thats just a recent fav. 🙂 My second question with your kitchen is that the major surfaces in the photo are the cabinet faces and the ceiling. Perhaps a ceiling color (medium grey???) could be powerful and balance the large white area of the cabinet faces. Can't wait to see what you do. All the lighting fixtures you pulled are killer.

KiM says:

🙂 thanks everyone!
I considered tile very briefly but thought just an awesome paint colour would work better because the kitchen is so small and there isn't much decent wall space.
I bought white for the ceiling – I think I'll go with that for now and see what I think. If I think the ceiling can handle a darker colour I'll consider it.

atma says:

Amazing colour choice as always. I'm not sure if you mean to paint the walls or the walls and the cabinet doors as well? Either way, looking forward to see it, as always. Thank you!

Bara says:

It's gonna be great. Will you be doing anything about the floor?

KiM says:

@atma – not painting the cabinets. they're ok as-is, and brand new when we bought the house.
@Bara – not doing anything with the floor. i don't have the energy to tear out the whole kitchen to replace the tile. and the tile isn't too terrible so i'll get a rug rug and call it a day.

Rakib liton says:

This post title "kitchin project-blue,black,white and brass" 1s very nice and effective. I have got varies knows color.Thank you very much.

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