Garrison Hullinger

Posted on Mon, 19 Jan 2015 by KiM

Garrison Hullinger designs interiors of some pretty spectacular homes (they’re located in Oregon but the homes featured here are in New Canaan, CT, Battleground, WA and Portland, OR). The type of homes you dream about, that you see in movies and say “yes, one day I will live in a house like that, a house with SPACE”. These kitchens are to absolutely die for. I cannot imagine having that many cabinets. I have never had a kitchen I would consider large. Yes, I dream of large kitchens.

P.S. Sorry, no pets on furniture post this week. If you have submissions please send them to kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net.

Mar says:

I love everything, especially the kitchen, thanks for sharing !!



Ombia says:

Now, this is really big kitchen! I imagine cooking here with all of my friends and family or baking christmas cookies…

garrison says:

Kim, thanks for featuring on your ever-inspiring blog. I've been a big fan even before the first blog you had featured my work…again, thanks for the support!
Basement lounge you featured in 2008:

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