Clouds of white books

Posted on Mon, 26 Jan 2015 by midcenturyjo

An oasis of calm after the ceaseless clamour of the day. Respite. Retreat. Classical meets modern. Neutral sophistication. Elegant and urbane with a dash of controversy. White painted books? In this San Francisco Decorator Showcase library interior designer Geoffrey De Sousa explores the role of books and the room that contains them in a world of tablets and the Cloud.

Paula says:

It's all very pretty BUT it must be a nightmare to find a book to read!

Beata says:

Not very practical…Books are pretty as they are. Not need to hide the covers…

hv says:

Well,if this is a book collection then the books have to be protected, hence the white covers.
Very nice table with collection.

Inny Dhla says:

The woodwork is absolutely gorgeous. I suspect the ridiculous white covers hide a massive collation of Danielle Steele and Victoria Holt.

Yes maybe it's not very practical but the visual result is amazing. Just love it.

joanna says:

What is the point of having a vast library and collection, and you spent time looking for the book you wanted to read? Love the library, wish I have such space and such classic set-up. But in all practicality, I have only one question; read much or OCD much?

Ombia says:

All of the books from my home library I already read. I buy a book, read it and put it in the library. And sort them alphabetically. My are of course multi colored, but there is a way to find a book also with one colored covers.

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