Soothing in neutrals

Posted on Thu, 5 Feb 2015 by KiM

I had to share another space created by The New Design Project because I adore neutral spaces that have some spunk and are not the least bit dull. This New York rental apartment is anything but dull. It has tons of personality through quirky art and furnishings despite having a very limited colour palette. This is fantastic! (More details here, photos by Alan Gastelum)

María says:

Fell in love with the lamp in the second picture
Lots of love, xx

I love all of the high end details in this small space! The kitchen is to die for; you hardly notice the half-fridge 🙂

Twins Mom says:

I agree, this project is fantastic! What a nice work with such limited colour palette but good choices at furniture and decorating details. And I just love the kitchen floor!
I'm following this blog sometime ago, is a very nice blog. Congratulations!

Lori says:

I hate to say this, but where is their stuff? Does anyone live here? I love it either way.

Ombia says:

Half fridge? LOL In Europe this is fridge XXL and most families have much smaller one and we cook at least once a day.
I love the colour choices

Talianko Design Group says:

Love the brick wall, the kitchen floor and the hanging mirrors!

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