Harriet Anstruther

Posted on Wed, 11 Feb 2015 by KiM

Country to contemporary, traditional to modern, Harriet Anstruther Studio can do it all, and the resulting spaces are the most calming, inviting and timeless you can imagine. Each and every one of these rooms draws you in and I would be completely at ease and at peace in all of them.

Jess says:

Wednesday's pets on furniture! The dogs look as happy in those rooms as I would be.

Sparky says:

Oh my gosh! And the DOGS!

Jared Hayden says:

She has an exquisite eye for the placement of art.

Darcie says:

Would you happen to have any idea about the brand of armchairs in that gray living room?

KiM says:

Sorry I have no clue Darcie

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