Not your average family cottage

Posted on Fri, 13 Feb 2015 by KiM

The folks of Toronto design firm Prototype Design Lab sent along photos of a project they recently completed that I had to share. This is a family cottage in northern Ontario (McKellar) and it is unlike any ‘cottage’ I have ever seen. When I think cottage I envision pine panelled walls, a rustic kitchen and some antlers on the wall. This cottage IS NOT THAT. We designed this cottage for a family that loves to entertain, cook, and eat. Their whole lifestyle is based around the kitchen, so right off the bat we knew that this space had to be functional, but incredible. The kitchen starts out like a restaurant kitchen, with durable, stainless steel surfaces, but is designed to be warm and eclectic with a great mix of modern & vintage fixtures; pendant lamps, floating shelves and stunning blackened steel-framed chalkboard panels acting as cabinet doors. Then there are some really warm elements such as a reclaimed barn wood wall & ceiling feature, marble counter tops, glass shelving & and reclaimed wine crate table. The palette of the space suggest vintage, contemporary and industrial all at the same time!

lillylikely says:

Such monumentally bad taste. Way too much money, fully lacking in taste. I think this is what is called "1% architecture", as only a member of the 1% could build this and consider it acceptable from any point of view.
No seriously, folks, this really is sickening. In every way.

Ruth says:

Have to agree with lillylikely. The kitchen is over the top. A real chef needs a quarter of the space. But I was really disappointed by the poor layout of the living area. Actually, I wouldn't have any opinion if design firm hadn't called it a cottage.

Jade says:

This post makes me feel ill.

Thomas says:

Has something of a city hotel rather than a family cottage ;))

…..but for a city hotel ….!!

loulou ste-adele says:

I'cannot for the life of me call 'this' a cottage and certainly not a country cottage. Never seen such a cold cold space. I almost cry when I see the beautiful large window and this cold space absolutely unrelated with the fact that nature could be so much more part of the scheme. I almost feel sorry for the people who surely paid a large sum for this.

magdalena says:


Cate says:

why an earth is it so big? the living room looks so uncomfortable!

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