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Posted on Mon, 16 Feb 2015 by KiM

I have a dream remodel to share with you today. I am always intrigued with spatial configuration and how architects can create really functional spaces out of ones that previously weren’t. In this instance, Bunker Workshop reorganized a series of interior spaces in this late 19th century Beacon Hill, Boston home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, utilities, and a kitchen were reconfigured to support the needs of a growing family. A limited material palette of wood, steel, and brick bring warmth and texture to the white cabinetry and millwork throughout. The resulting spaces honestly make me giddy. 

The kitchen blows my mind. Having the sink and stovetop in the island means no need for uppers, and large pantry units are then utilized for easy-access storage. 

Let’s take a moment here. *sigh* To not have to get down on my hands and knees in order to to rifle through my lower cabinets to yank out small appliances would be so sweet. 

OMG look at that expanse of cabinets AND display space! What a DREAM!!!

Hellooooo island!

AND A BAR!!! I’m dying a little bit inside right now. 

Even the bedroom is home to a wall of cabinetry for all the storage you need. 

I have always wanted a row of cabinetry that expands from one room into another. This leads from the bedroom and becomes the bathroom vanity. Freaking GENIUS!!!

(Check out another one of their kitchen renovations here)

Margaret says:

So many things to love.. but that wallpaper next to the stairs looks like real birds flying! I love it..

Ruth says:


oregonbird says:

So many clean, excellent decisions were made.

Alexander says:

Do you know the name of that wallpaper? It's so pretty.

KiM says:

The wallpaper is Julia Rothman's Daydream from Hygge & West

Ombia says:

Great home in and outside! Kitchen is really well done. And a row of cabinetry that expands from one room into another please for me too!
I love all those storage options, descrete and life saving.

Absolutely in love

Nice and clean with beautiful design. Love it

RWC says:

Great reorganization, everything fits together so well. I really like that Luncheonette sign, such an appealing touch.

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