Saul Zaik house

Posted on Tue, 31 Mar 2015 by KiM

I have always wanted to live in house with mid-century architecture, and I have a huge girl crush on Jessica Helgerson, so I absolutely had to share this home. This project was a thorough remodel of a 1950s house by prominent Portland architect Saul Zaik. We thoroughly reworked the interior floor plan, relocating the master bedroom and bathroom to the rear of the house, creating a mudroom, office, and laundry room, changing the proportions of a family room that had been expanded and was out of scale with the other rooms, upgrading the windows throughout, and vaulting the ceilings in the addition. (Photos: Lincoln Barbour)

Ruth says:

Oh wow, Kim. Jessica (and team involved) did an amazing job. Perfection.

lila says:

Now this is what I'd call a dream house! Perfect.

Deb says:

I'm in love. A real dream house.

This home is gorgeous! I love how bright and spacious it is. My favorite part is all that natural lighting. Totally loving the huge windows.

Laura says:

Perfect, right down to the vintage Porsche in the carport. Wow.

Axie says:

Sublime. Every detail, color, furnishings. Agree with lila- my perfect dream house.

María says:

Adore this! Especially the bathroom
Lots of love, xx

Agi says:

A dream house indeed…including location. Congratulations to the current owners for having a vision (and financial means) and the architect for impeccable execution.

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