Foyer flooring inspiration – black & white checkered tile

Posted on Wed, 8 Apr 2015 by KiM

The other day I spotted this photo…

Joanna Lavén

…and I had a freaking epiphany. I think I should get some black and white tile and redo the floor in my vestibule, foyer and into the kitchen! I am looking for any excuse to get rid of my horrid orange/yellow oak hardwood. In case you forget how gross it really is…

I just can’t deal with this anymore. I hate oak to begin with, and some moron decided to find the brightest orange stain on the market which looks even more horrifying when paired with red/mahogany woodwork. IDIOTS!!!! So imagine the whole area above covered in a beautiful checkerboard pattern (in marble ideally but realistically/financially not going to happen) and then WHY STOP THERE?! My black and white kitchen (through the open door at the back of this photo) now has amazing blue walls but gross and cheap ceramic tile…so I would carry it through there as well. I am SO all over this idea. Now to source my dream tile…. but in the meantime here are some inspirational photos of black/white checkered tile foyers.

The photo above is PERFECT – that blue is pretty close to my kitchen wall colour. !!!!!! Via Style Me Pretty

Roelfien Vos


NY Times


coach deco Lille

Style At Home

Roselind Wilson

Elle Decor Spain

Greg Natale


Sköna hem

Hus & Hem

Maison & Demeure

These aren’t checkered but OMG they are STUNNING! Via Hillary Thomas

Inny Dhla says:

I love this one you posted: Checkered tile Maisonet Demeureeacb
I absolutely love your mahogany paneling and if you ever paint it please don't post because my heart would be broken.
Yeah, I guess I'd stain the floors darker. Then do some awesome rugs.
Marble is super slippery and the glossy finish will wear off. But I wouldn't be devastated to see the floors changed, just the paneling!

atma says:

Ohoh, I've found a page full of painted tiles!
I love those, and long to live vicariously through your floor transformation…….

Elyse says:

i stained my large-ish powder room with watered down latex paint in a black and white tile pattern. The colours are soft enough that the pet hair (3 dogs, 3 cats);isnt noticeable. Use "frog tape" for crisp edges. It is my favorite floor in the whole house!

KiM says:

I find those painted wood floors are a bit "country" and don't really go with the style of my house. Plus that would take a lot of time to execute and with all these cats = nightmare.

Elyse says:

I hear you Kim. I achieved a stain with paint and fairly porous wood. end result is similar to bleaching on the white "tiles" . Then again, the door couldbe shut to keep the four-legged critters out. a few coats of poly later and it has held up perfectly these past five years.

Elyse says:

The next blog i looked at happened to have this! Exactly the effect i am talking about.

KiM says:

The problem is painting my foyer floor means we have to live in the dining room/kitchen basement through the entire process. EEEKKK!!! And the floor in that photos looks AMAZING

emily says:

since you don't love the wood floor color, what about painting the black and white checkers directly on the wood? save some money…would be time consuming, but then you could refinish the floors later if you ever decided you want something different….the wood looks like it's in good shape. great post….love the classic feels of all these spaces.

Jazmine says:

This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this flooring. Thank you for sharing!

Ankit says:

Wow, best designs ever. Great work guys. Nice flooring.

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