Oscar V

Posted on Tue, 21 Apr 2015 by KiM

I will never be a minimalist, but after clearing out 2 rooms of crap to make room for the feral cats (and now it’s piled around the house), I wish I could be. Instead I will stare dreamily at photos such as these and wonder what it would be like. Via Belgium architecture and design firm Oscar V.

Emmanuelle C. says:


Candice says:

I always want to have rooms like this when I see them in magazines but when it comes down to it .. it is impossible .. so far.
I will be moving and hope to have a more modern sort of home that I will be able to be more minimalist … or at least give that impression 🙂

Julieta says:

Gorgeous home! Neutral colors that are far from boring and minimalist rooms that soothe the eye and make you appreciate the design of the things in them. Did I mention the textures (sigh)…

María says:

Incredible bathroom and outside violet wall
Lots of love, xx

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