An eclectic apartment in Madrid

Posted on Sun, 26 Apr 2015 by KiM

I have a thing for eclectic spaces, where it appears that the homeowner does alot of thrift shopping and most pieces have not originated from Ikea. This simple yet eclectic apartment in Madrid caught my attention. It has some fun, graphic art mixed with mid-century furnishings and accessories (ie. beautiful West German vases!). I personally would have maybe added some colour to a wall or 2 (maybe they aren’t allowed) and I find the dining room very underwhelming. Other than that it is a wonderful, bright open space that is very inviting. Via Architectural Digest Spain, photos by Asier Rua.

Jared Hayden says:

It's a fabulous space and collection, and makes a strong argument for all white walls. Also, AD Spain is simply the best shelter mag going these days…

Karolina says:

I love eclectic homes. I think they are so individual and unique and reflect the owners personality. I love the art in the office and and the pendants. Great article.

Peggy says:

What a gorgeous place! I'm not sure I'd call eclectic though, more like collected. I love the restraint shown and I do love the simplicity of the dining room. I think it allows the architectural column to shine without competition. I also adore the all white, such a great backdrop for the wonderful art collection. I could definitely live here and not change a thing.

Amanda Carol Interiors says:

Love the fun graphic art, the German vases and all of the pops of color. This is really a great space!

I am in LOVE with this home!! The artwork is so interesting and bright! Also, those little watermelons? I'm in love!!

María says:

Incredible orange couch!
Lots of love, xx

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