Not what it is, but what it could be

Posted on Sun, 14 Jun 2015 by KiM

This is Marmalade Manor. Built in Salt Lake City in 1878, this home is caught in a time warp and would be an absolutely incredible renovation project (if the bones are not in too rough of shape that is, or the budget was limitless). There are so many to-die-for original features including SIX fireplaces! I would love this home just for the gorgeous vintage kitchen sink and O’Keefe Merritt range (*drool*). Never mind the fact that there is a butlers pantry, TWO laundry rooms (one up, one down), a steam shower, radiators and in the backyard, a stone two-story playhouse. The house is pretty much bare in terms of furnishings, but have a look through these photos then close your eyes and dream of what it could be…. (for sale via City Home Collective)

Jared Hayden says:

It's gorgeous. I only see one challenge that couldn't be overcome: Salt Lake City.

Barb in CT says:

Gorgeous – every room looks like it's from a different house!

Ann says:

WOW, what an incredible house!! All I see is pure potential.

Sparky says:

LOL. Jared Hayden. Challenge: Salt Lake City, indeed. It's some of the suburbs with which some of the more worldly of us would have a challenge. Salt Lake City is great. Twenty-five years ago, I would have felt similarly to Mr. Hayden. The Marmalade district, along with several other downtown neighborhoods, is highly desirable to the likes of me who came from other cities (San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta and other parts of the US and the world, for that matter). Liberal-minded, sporting the highest per capita, hmmm how shall I put it, alternative lifestyle neighborhoods in the USA, Salt Lake City has come a long way socio-economically. Not to mention some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world and best snow skiing on earth within half an hour's drive. Oh, and Sundance Film Festival. But really, that's OK, at least with Mr. Hayden's comment, it is underlined that this is one of the best kept secrets in U.S. desirable neighborhood living!

Brandon says:

It's funny I am in the process of buying this house. I was trying to find some old pictures of it online and ran into your blog. I will send you pictures as we renovate.

KiM says:

WUT?!?!?! Brandon, PLEASE DO send pics. And note: I'll come there and strangle you in person if you get rid of all the gorgeous original features.

Brandon says:

Ha ha Hi Kim, Of course I wont change the original features. Right now I am focusing on the basement. Putting in a bathroom and a kitchen. Replacing the windows because the wood has rotted in a lot of them. After that I will be working on the wood floors and fixing some of the plaster in the dining room and master bedroom. But I am so in love with the house.

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