When can I move in?!

Posted on Sun, 21 Jun 2015 by KiM

I really love my house in the city. But I sometimes get tired of hearing city buses whizzing by, or helicopters coming in for a landing (I live right across the street from a hospital). This old rectory in the UK is an absolute delight, and I would pack up and move here in an instant. The kitchen and huge butlers pantry are so utterly perfect I am having heart palpitations. Welcome to my dream home. Available as location home via Shoot Factory

Nina says:

This is so lovely. I think we might have to take turns living there…

Jared Hayden says:

Country house sublime. The contemporary interventions are simply perfect. I'll help with the cooking.

Sandy says:

Exquisite. I'm a modernist in taste but I might be converted. There are too many divine features in this home.

Thank you SO much for sharing Kim! xx

Katia says:

A beautiful house always liked me to live in a cottage.

Emmanuelle C. says:

GORGEOUS!GORGEOUS!GORGEOUS!I'll take turn n°4!!!!!!!!

ombia says:

I love modern style but this is just a perfect mix of modern and traditional, timeless.

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