Form and function

Posted on Tue, 30 Jun 2015 by midcenturyjo

Anyone else notice my growing fascination with staircases? Particularly ones that sweep and turn, ones with sinuous shape. A new favourite appears simple at first but look up. Yes you need the function but enjoy the form. By b.e architecture.

And the rest of the house is pretty special too.

Sparky says:

The spaces are beautiful, but I am just BLEEDING for well chosen art work.

derpione says:

Thanks again for posting such wonderful interior space. I am being amazed with the tiffany style glass door and the simplistically dark color office as well the table and the chair. So beautiful.

elise says:

this space is lyrical. I gotta get my ass to Australia. such design gems there. thanks for posting this!

ombia says:

Which art work?

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