Bride’s Row

Posted on Fri, 17 Jul 2015 by KiM

I had to share another Brooklyn row house with you, again by architect Lorraine Bonaventura, because I cannot get enough. 1850’s house was completely restored after being taken down to the brick…Mantels were restored, plaster work recast, herringbone floors meticulously restored and replaced, new limestone and antique french oak floors added to kitchen and dining level. Every surface was completely redone, rebuilt or restored. Radiant heating, air conditioning was added, brick work repointed, new sand cast iron exterior railings, brownstone facade replaced, new weight and chain mahogany windows with antique glass, all wood moldings replaced to replicate original moldings, original window shutters restored. It’s essentially a brand new house! But with character! This home has such lovely details…it’s unfortunate that the decor is bland (IMHO) – I would have added so much more drama with some (better) colour, and a bit of pattern, and some statement light fixtures. Oh, I could dream about what I would do to this home for hours. (Photos via Houzz)

Henri says:

Well i see what you mean… this is 50th style to the wall colors, pale.
The restoration is great and i would love to live in such a house but have another decor but as we say in french, "gout et couleur ne se discutent pas!"

Torgny says:

Bland?! I admit I think the home would benefit from larger (and perhaps more edgy) art, and more colorful accents here and there, but I think it's just lovely as it is. It has some really interesting wooden furniture, varied ceiling lighting, wonderful floors, and a nice use of colors (calm though they are). It is very restful and tasteful while remaining interesting, which is probably want you want if you live and work in the NY area.

oh Holland says:

If this is bland, then I say Bland is Beautiful!

But then, aficionados of the overwrought Baz Luhrmann style will take issue with my taste.

ombia says:

Great work! Only annoying thing is this horrible yellow-brown wood colour of so many funiture peaces.
last two pics are just perfect. Great kitchen too.

Elisabeth says:

I agree: "bland" is beautiful. Patterns bore you to death after two days. Bland is zen, is tranquil.

Jared Haydenj says:

Not everybody is chasing a feature on AD. Maybe this is the stuff these people love and have collected. They have some wonderful pieces. The renovation is superb. I do have my issues with those craft paper bound books though… WTF?

kim says:

I think I like bland.

María says:

The first fireplace is so gorgeous!!
Lots of love, xx

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