Foyers with painted wainscoting/wood paneling

Posted on Tue, 21 Jul 2015 by KiM

Some of you may not believe this, but after reviewing everything I thought I had decided on for the flooring on my main floor, I made another decision. Brace yourselves…..I AM GOING TO PAINT OUT MY MAHOGANY WAINSCOTING! (You can revisit that awfulness in this post) I realized that if I am going to redo all of this flooring that I am totally unhappy with, how can I keep this mahogany that I really REALLY don’t like? It will be a big job that I can hopefully hire someone to take care of so I do not end up in the mental hospital down the road, and I have not yet come up with a plan for the colour. I figure I will deal with re-staining the floor, see what the result of that is, and then find something that works with it and the Farrow & Ball lotus wallpaper I am dying to use for the upper parts of the wall. So on this note, I thought I would share some photos of foyers with painted out wainscoting and wood paneling that I came across while doing a little research. (Dear gawd, what have I gotten myself into!)

Philip Gorrivan

Better Homes and Gardens

One King’s Lane


Style At Home

ML Interior Design



Benjamin Moore

The Socialite Family

 MilK Magazine

sköna hem

Style Me Pretty


Nest Design Studio

New England Home

Elle Decoration Sweden

Elle Decor

atma says:

I'm so happy to hear this! It will be great! Also, it is good to keep wooden floor in a cold climate. Stone and tiles look good but it is very cold in a cold climate. Looking forward to the updates.

Lis Pop says:

Perfect solution! Can't wait to see the finished product, that wallpaper will look amazing with the right color on that woodwork.

KiM says:

Call me crazy, but I keep envisioning it in black. (I can't do white, or in any sort of white…I keep thinking about how horrible my next door neighbour's wainscotting looked in cream)

Heather says:

We got all ours sprayed with white lacquer. It wasn't horribly expensive, but you need them to do good prep like DAPing all the edges. It makes a big difference. I love it how it looks. We haven't had any issues with the paint cracking or anything, even in cold Calgary winters. I think it was like 20 sheen.

Kristi says:

I am so pleased to hear you will paint it out. I have been quietly hoping you would! Black would look stunning.

Patty says:

I am so happy to hear you are painting out the woodwork. I would encourage you to think black or charcoal, and I would also highly consider a lighter neutral brown for the floor. Your vertical wall surfaces mean so much more to the look of the room than the floor does. Your floor will end up very bossy if you go with a cool stain tone like gray.

KiM says:

my problem is I generally feel grey and brown don't work together which is why i keep thinking i'll go with grey for the floors. i think i need to do some more searches for photos, this time of flooring.

and i'll look into spraying. whatever gets it done faster/better.

Cyn says:

Oh, Kim! With your new tile choice the grey floors and black woodwork will be gorgeous! Nor do you have to put aside the wallpaper you had desired so. The black woodwork will frame it beautifully!

Betsy says:

Your ideas are good solutions..tile, wood, walls. Paint first then do floors.
Practical also to have tile in the vest. especially during muddy/snow weather.
Wallpaper Lotus in Foyer combine colors of LR and DR walls to pull the whole look together.

María says:

The floor of the first foyer is perfection!
Lots of love, xx

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