A pied-à-terre in Le Marais

Posted on Tue, 4 Aug 2015 by KiM

I could not stop at just one project by London interior designer Hubert Zandberg. This pied-à-terre in Le Marais, Paris is just about the coolest little apartment I have ever seen. Once again, it is fabulously eclectic but this time a bit more theme-y, with industrial touches, and a colour palette of black, grey, white and green. So cool!!!

This space above proves Hubert is the KING of fantastic bathrooms. Another one I am totally swooning over. 

Jared Hayden says:

At least when you start to overdose on botanical motifs and pattern-on-pattern, you know Le Marais is right outside the door.

Axie says:

Not my usual taste, but I really like it. It looks almost like a b/w photo with green tinting! Except those green kitchen curtains.. they don't seem to fit the style.

Cussot says:

Would you have to eat zucchini and green bananas all the time? Oh, and the occasional chicken carcass picked clean … I'm usually allergic to a lot of patterns, but I love this intriguing mix. Really nice.

Lisa says:

I think it's beautiful, (OMG that bathroom!) but too matchy matchy….. needs something abit, OFF, to make it perfect.

thelady says:

the bathroom and kitchen are amazing, who would have thought black and green went so well together

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