The White Room

Posted on Tue, 18 Aug 2015 by midcenturyjo

White, blanched, chalky, snowy, milky, ivory, clean, spotless, pale, light, colourless, pure, unblemished, achromatic, without hue. The White Room by Barcelona-based Italian architects CaSA is a minimalist holiday apartment in Sitges, Spain just a few steps from the beach. At just 36 sq m with 11 sq m of terrace this tiny, shiny white box was renovated on a very small budget and is now a light filled refuge, a peaceful place for introspection for its owner, a French Art historian and curator, professor at the Sorbonne University.

Axie says:

Yikes- I need sunglasses! I am always amazed at what makes people happy in a home. Usually the decor somewhat reflects the personality, but I would never have guessed an art prof lived here!

Maura says:

I am a minimalist fan but the "small mattress on the floor of the living room" is stretching the idea way too far. A small armchair would occupy the same space and be much more comfortable.

ombia says:

I love the kitchen nook and the terrace.
But wc and no door?!? Would not want to share that.

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