Easy style by Anthony Sibbald

Posted on Thu, 20 Aug 2015 by midcenturyjo

Like a second skin or a favourite old sweater, it’s about casual family living without pretension but bags of easy going style. Effortless and comfortable doesn’t mean complicated design. It’s slipped covered sofas and slouchy pillows, crisp white walls and streamlined kitchens, luxurious bathrooms that are as simple to clean as they are good looking. Just like this apartment in Palermo, Buenos Aires by Argentinian design firm Anthony Sibbald.

Luciana says:

Hideous over the couch paiting!!!! What a pitty!!! The whole living room is ruined by this amateur blue toned paiting ( the rectangular one that looks like a seascape or mountain landscape)

Kellie says:

Now see I do not have a problem with the piece of art. I can see myself slumped in those comfy couches.

laura says:

How did the snapper take the photo in the bathroom mirror and not appear in the shot?

Candice says:

I really reeeally like this .. I could care less about what is on the walls in the photo, if I lived there I would have my things on the walls.

LucianaS says:

I simply love the space and everything about it! The painting could not ruin this well thought, flawless apartment.

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