Heaven is a pumphouse

Posted on Fri, 21 Aug 2015 by midcenturyjo

I have always said that New Zealand is God’s country. Perhaps I need to look a little closer to home, to the beautiful, unspoilt wilderness of Tasmania. Today we are heading to heaven in a pumphouse. Decommissioned in the 90s the Lake St Clair hydroelectric pumphouse lay empty having defeated a number of developers until Simon Currant stepped in in 2004. Finally in 2015 after a decade of hard work Pumphouse Point, a boutique hotel of 18 rooms, designed by Cumulus Studio, opened its doors. Two buildings ,one onshore the other at the end of the flume (jetty), provide the accommodation and facilities. The rooms are contemporary cool with a nod to the industrial but really it’s all about the wilderness. And truly it’s a slice of paradise.

All photos by Adam Gibson except the aerial shot by Stu Gibson.

lillylikely says:

I must have died and gone to Elizabeth Chair heaven as I have never seen more than two together at a time. As nice as the cushions look on the chairs, those are not needed, as the dent in the back of an Elizabeth Chair gives the most perfect lumbar support ever.

Am saving my pennies as we speak, must go there one day.

Ruth says:

Wow, I could definitely come up with a change-of-life plan at a place like this…

Sparky says:

Ahhhhh, Tazmania. The birthplace of Errol Flynn…

Geraldine says:

A friend and I stayed at Pumphouse Point a year or so ago, amazing in every detail!
A place that I could die happily.

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