London loft love

Posted on Sun, 30 Aug 2015 by KiM

What a stunning loft. This 1200 sq ft space in London is a dream with massive windows along one entire side, concrete ceilings, white painted floorboards, and an eclectic touch with stained glass doors and windows and patterned tile. I would maybe redo the kitchen and add some actual cabinetry to make it more functional. Other than that the decor is really fun and random with an fairly simple colour pallet. LOVE this. Via Shoot Factory.

qlkowa says:

I could live in!
Even paiting the walls can't be easy;)

Hope says:

Nothing attractive about this place.

Axie says:

The kitchen could do with some tall, narrow glass cabinets, but other than that I love the space!

wwax says:

Love some of the aspects of this place and the way the space is used. The tiles are amazing and the decorative pieces but all I can think when I see a white painted wooden floor is scuff marks, so many scuff marks.

kay says:

Exquisite! Bath tiles and tub are splendid. Can you say where the 2 chairs in living and chair in the study come from?

TK says:

Not for me. I think I would be bored within two weeks. The functionality of the bathroom and kitchen is not okay (when cooking fish, your entire apartment gets it fair share of the smell). And this wall with "eclectic" windows is too much incorporated in the structure of the apartment to get rid of it easily. The details are okay but there are way too much of them. Now I come to think of it: it lacks a vision, that's what's wrong.

Really nice work, adding warmth to a pretty cold space.

Jenny says:

I want to write a script just to have something to film here!

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