Beach house

Posted on Thu, 3 Sep 2015 by KiM

There is nothing like a really large house beautifully decorated right on the beach to get your heart pumping. This beach pad by Brown Design Group is everything you could want – tranquil earthy colours and a casual vibe that is perfect for the surroundings. Bonus to-die-for view. (In case you missed my features of their work last week – here and here)

When can I move in?

The leather sofa and the bamboo chair are so great!

Ruth says:

A bit overly too-too for my taste. The photography is nice, but the rooms just look like a collection of buying choices. It strikes me as bizarre to have huge square footage just to stage sitting areas. As if myriad places to sit means leisure or proves their usefulness?

ombia says:

Wow, even the movie room! What I do not understand is a trend of a pillow with a belt. Is this not uncomfortable and belt not staying on the spot?
Love the colour sheme too!

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