The latest incarnation of Nikki Tibbles’ home

Posted on Mon, 21 Sep 2015 by KiM

Nikki Tibbles is a famous British florist whose home I have featured a couple of times over the past several years here when it was for sale (and didn’t sell) and then here when it was up for rent. Now Nikki’s 1890 5 story absolutely incredible residence is available as a location property. I would have to put this stunner in one of the top 5 I have featured in the 8 years of this blog’s existence. It has so much life and energy, and quirkiness and boldness, and endless personality. Someone needs to shoot a movie here.

Isabel says:

Very beautiful! Pedro Almadóvar'd likes to make a film here.

Vivienne says:

I was lucky enough to visit this house on two separate years for the Livingetc House Tours. It not only looks beautiful, it had the most beautiful (Nikki Tibbles, of course) scented candles everywhere. It was hard to leave. Both times it also had a large dog on the furniture – ideal for your site! You can see from the first tour that the original kitchen was quite small. They have since excavated the basement to create a large kitchen/diner/family room.

KiM says:

OMG Vivienne you're SO lucky. Funny you should say you've visited it (TWICE!) – I was thinking as I was getting the post ready that I would likely have passed out once inside the front door. 😉

melanie says:

I love the wire coffee table with the white marble top, and also the bug installation on the wall. Anyone know where the coffee table is from? Or the bugs?

Vivienne says:

I think you may just have done that Kim! I felt like passing out next to the dog – it was lying on that bed with hundreds of cushions on it! (pic. 19)The whole house is just full of textures and colours and flowers and dogs… It's like an oasis in the hustle and bustle of west London.

Grace says:

Does anyone know the name of the pottery she collects?

KiM says:

The pottery is called Fulham. The porcelain insect vases are from a limited edition by Thomas Eyck. I don't know about the coffee table.

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