A modern farmhouse by Blackband Design

Posted on Tue, 6 Oct 2015 by KiM

This modern farmhouse in Newport Heights, California has me craving beaches, sun and t-shirt weather. Designed by Greg and Wendy Blackband of Blackband Design, it has a definite beachy colour theme going and looks utterly comfy, casual and unpretentious. Black accents pop against white, greenery adds some nature inside and textures and patterns keeps things eclectic and creates some visual drama. The perfect getaway for entertaining and relaxing.

Kohl says:

This is the cleanest house I've ever seen. What a beautiful open feel it has, its so crisp. If I lived here waking up would be a so easy.

Emily says:

This is an amazing house. I love the mix of styles, it's brightness and clean lines. Thanks for posting this one!

Kellye says:

The house is gorgeous, very nice. BUT, I really wish the landscaping would have included much less grass and been done in a more drought-friendly way. Desert and native plants can be landscaped in a very appealing way, we don't always have to have the standard green grass lawn. Especially with the water situation California is in right now it would really be better to think outside the box.

Christine says:

Would love to know the name and brand of wall and trim colors

Melinda says:

Simply perfection !!!!

Velia says:

What a stunning home…perfectly decorated.

Liz Thomas says:

Honestly? It doesn't look one bit farmhouse to me. It does look like a new age … want to be front and center … clean and neat …. and a great unencumbered way to relax and put your feet up style…yet still ready to compete with the Joneses…yes I know that is a way old expression, but…I absolutely love this style…I think it is soon to be called "universal" and that''s what I think the new name for this style should be….universal!! Congratulations!!!

Samantha Oven says:

could you please provide front door paint color? Thank you!

Jill Emmick says:

I absolutely love the black dome pendant light on the front porch. Can you please share where it is from??

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