When it is not about the decor

Posted on Sun, 1 Nov 2015 by KiM

This is one of those rare occasions where I feature a home that is lacking in the decor department but the architecture and finishes more than make up for it. All of the black painted trim/stairs/doors, the tile foyer floor, the stained glass front entrance, THE PERFECT KITCHEN, the wide plank flooring, and the tiled bathrooms make this home a dream. Then add in all of your favourite artwork and vintage furnishings and BAM! New on the Shoot Factory roster.

ombia says:

Which decor is missing???? Stunning doors and kitchen counter. And that back window.

KiM says:

ie. the living room could use some help. the bedroom too.

Olena says:

Love the art from Ricardo Cavolo

Axie says:

I'm all for a 'to each his own' way of decorating their home, but I have to agree- the living room looks as if the room was stood on it's side and everything slide haphazardly to the other side. The bedroom also looks like it could use some help. But LOVE the home itself!

Yaqiyn says:

This is so perfect!

cw says:

The thing that is beautiful about this home is that it isn't overly styled or decorated within an inch of its life. It has an easy, elegant, liveable, almost punk aesthetic that doesn't give a damn what any of us think – ie. cool.

Blanders says:

This home has that very specific London vibe of "We're stinking rich but we're going to pretend that we're just boho students who don't care about decor". A modern take on the classic English trait of understatement, almost but not quite to the extent of being obnoxious.

I'm sure the tea urn is regarded as a delicious piece of camp.

Carol says:

I love that they have a perfect spot for their Berkey water filter (I'm an affiliate). For some reason none of those pics will be "pinned" – bummer, I wanted to pinterest the heck out of that post.

KiM says:

@Carol – Not sure why the pin buttons on each photo aren't showing up but there's one at the end of the post that should take you to all post photos and you can pin from there.

ombia says:

I am not sure which room is a living room there maybe this one?

It has decor, and my bedroom is decorless and I love it that way, calm and decluttered. Whole room has only one huge antic mirror and I am happy about this light room every single day. Maybe the people living in the house think the same?

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